Heat and Humidity Increase Chances of Mold Problems in Water-Damaged Structures

Heat and Humidity Increase Chances of Mold Problems in Water-Damaged Structures
Mold can form in homes after water damage from flooding.

Many houses, stores, restaurants, offices, churches, hotels and other structures in South Florida and elsewhere sustained damage from hurricanes and other storms in recent weeks. Unfortunately, heat and humidity in South Florida make it more probable that structures that experienced water damage will also experience mold growths, which can render homes, condos and apartments uninhabitable and unhealthy. Mold exposure can lead to numerous respiratory problems, along with symptoms like eye irritation, rashes, headaches and allergic reactions. Residents and other people concerned about the potential for mold can hire professional mold abatement companies to deal with this potential health hazard. Firms that perform mold remediation west palm beach work can help customers address mold on ceilings, walls, floors and other areas where water damage may have occurred.


Mold tends to thrive in warm and wet environments, so South Florida’s climate makes it ideal for mold growth. Mold can grow quickly inside walls, beneath floors, under sinks, on ceilings and in other places where water damage has happened. Hire licensed mold removal firms for assistance in locations such as Miami, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Jupiter, Doral, Miami Beach and other South Florida municipalities. Temperatures reached into the 90s, with heat indexes surpassing that, following Hurricane Irma last month.

Leading mold removal businesses can help area businesses, residents and establishments overcome mold issues that may have occurred following the storm. Professional mold removal boca raton companies will help customers quickly and efficiently eliminate mold that occurred due to roof leaks, flooding, poorly sealed doors and windows and other causes. Numerous buildings across the area, including police stations, libraries, post offices, houses of worship, civic centers and community centers, may have sustained some type of water damage during the storm, potentially putting that at risk for mold growths.


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