Mold Looms as Threat in Storm-Damaged Structures

Mold Looms as Threat in Storm-Damaged Structures
Mold can form in air ducts, on ceilings and on walls in buildings that sustain water damage from tropical storms and hurricanes.

In areas affected by the massive hurricanes that have struck the United States over the past month, water damage may lead to mold growths. Thousands of homes and businesses in Texas, Louisiana, Puerto Rico and Florida sustained damage from wind, storm surge and pounding rains caused by Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and/or Hurricane Maria. Torrential rains caused widespread flooding in many areas, damage that could result in mold formation. Other people experienced water damage from roof leaks, broken windows and other causes. Mold that forms within houses, apartments, condos and other locations can affect people’s health and quality of life. Affected residents in South Florida and elsewhere in the state can hire licensed and experienced mold remediation companies to eliminate mold from homes, workplaces, churches and other locations. Top mold remediation boynton beach companies have helped customers in Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Fort Myers and other parts of Florida remove mold from structures and get back to normal following water damage.

Mold infestations can cause numerous health complications for people, making it important for affected business owners, municipal officials and homeowners to take quick action to minimize the potential harm. Mold can quickly begin to grow after water damage occurs, sometimes within a matter of days. Mold growing inside structures can cause people to experience breathing difficulties, coughing, rashes, allergic reactions, eye irritation, asthma attacks, headaches and other symptoms.

Low-lying areas that experienced heavy rains may also have seen flooding in the storms. Flooding can lead to water damage of porches, patios, basements and flooring in places such as West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Jupiter, Port St. Lucie and Vero Beach. Companies that perform mold removal west palm beach work can help small businesses, communities and homeowners minimize the dangers caused by mold spores after flooding incidents. Find top mold removal businesses in your area by searching on the Internet.


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