Mold a Threat to People’s Health at Hospitals, Prisons and Other Facilities

Mold a Threat to People_s Health at Hospitals, Prisons and Other Facilities
Mold in prisons can make conditions unsafe and unhealthy for inmates and corrections workers alike.

People exposed to mold for prolonged periods of time often will experience a number of health consequences. Mold exposure in homes, workplaces and other locations can lead to wheezing, coughing, eye irritation, asthma attacks, headaches, allergic reactions and other symptoms. People confined to places like hospitals, prisons and nursing homes that have mold infestations could suffer from illnesses and poor quality of life. Administrators of such places have responsibilities to keep their facilities sanitary and healthy. Facilities in places like West Palm Beach, Belle Glade and Loxahatchee can get relief from mold problems by hiring licensed businesses that offer mold removal west palm beach services.

Reports of mold endangering people’s health in locations such as St. Louis and Pittsburgh have alarmed families and outside observers. A recent TV news story out of St. Louis said that inmates at a prison facility there have complained about mold and rodents. Authorities have linked multiple deaths at Pittsburgh-area hospitals to mold problems in the facilities. When mold problems arise at facilities like long-term care facilities, jails, prisons, rehab centers and hospitals, they can make conditions unsafe and unbearable for people living there, as well as for people who work in such places. Mold remediation boca raton companies can help to eliminate mold growths from houses and other locations in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth and other cities across the area.

People with weakened immune systems, such as the chronically ill and some patients at hospitals and rehabilitation centers, face increased risks from mold infestations. These people can succumb to mold-related infections and become seriously ill or even die. People with open wounds can easily get infections from mold in their surroundings. Administrators and staff at places like hospitals, rehab centers, jails and prisons should try to promptly address mold issues to protect people’s health.


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