Poor Maintenance can Lead to Mold Growths in Homes, Schools and Other Buildings

FEMA Warns Against Mold Issues
Mold in apartments and houses can result from poor maintenance.

Mold problems tend to become more common during the summer months across South Florida as rain events and humidity expose problems like faulty roofs and poorly-sealed windows and doors. Mold spores can turn into mold infestations relatively quickly in houses, hospitals, schools, post offices, restaurants and other structures. Insufficient maintenance of structures can allow mold to form from numerous causes, threatening people’s health and possibly damaging objects and the structures themselves. Mold remediation companies help customers prevent mold growths and quickly resolve mold problems across the South Florida area, such as in Broward County, Palm Beach County and Miami-Dade County. People who live and/or work in Southern Palm Beach County can hire mold remediation boca raton businesses to eradicate mold issues in apartment buildings, condos, stores, offices and other places.

Proper maintenance and inspections of buildings and structures can identify evidence of water damage and keep mold issues to a minimum. Inspections of houses, schools and other structures may discover water stains or discolorations that show that water has seeped in somehow. Quick action can identify the sources or sources of the water, and prevent the water damage from developing into full-blown mold infestations.

Mold growths in buildings in South Florida can cause physical damage to objects and structures, as well as put people’s health at risk. Mold can damage books, papers, pictures, paintings, furniture and other items over time. It can also weaken wooden items such as stairs, bookshelves, tables and chairs over time. People exposed to mold may experience numerous symptoms, including headaches, allergic reactions, breathing problems, coughing, rashes, eye irritation, wheezing and more. To avoid serious damage and health problems, people should act quickly to eliminate mold problems when they present themselves. Call businesses that perform mold removal delray beach work if you see mold growths on walls and ceilings or smell a musty odor.


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