Remediation Services Often Necessary in Aging Buildings Like Schools and Libraries

Remediation Services Often Necessary in Aging Buildings Like Schools and LibrariesAcross South Florida, aging structures such as elementary schools, high schools, auditoriums, apartment buildings, libraries and condominiums may require the services of remediation companies to eliminate mold, asbestos, lead and other potentially unsafe substances. When found, these substances can force evacuations and temporary closures in the name of safety. Administrators may not want to risk public safety by allowing these buildings to remain open. They may hire mold removal south florida companies to clean up mold-infested classrooms, hallways, cafeterias, lobbies and other parts of buildings. The region’s older cities, including West Palm Beach, Homestead, Boynton Beach, Miami, Lake Worth, Dania Beach, Pompano Beach, may have numerous structures that have fallen into disrepair or contain risky materials including lead and asbestos, which were extensively used in past generations.

Top mold remediation west palm beach firms have helped many clients across the area eliminate mold arising from roof leaks, burst pipes, flooding, faulty plumbing and other causes. Mold can cause major damage to structures, rendering them uninhabitable and unfit for occupation. Mold exposure can cause respiratory ailments, including cough, wheezing and lung infections, along with rashes, headaches and other symptoms.

Mold can also damage surfaces and items within buildings. Mold may render papers, books, magazines and other media unsafe for handling, as well as furniture like desks, chairs and bookshelves. Affected surfaces could include walls, ceilings and flooring.

Demolitions and renovations of older structures represent events that could pose risks to workers and other people in the area. Harmful particles of asbestos and mold may get disturbed during work and become airborne. Workers and demolition crews should take precautions when demoing older buildings in South Florida such as school buildings and libraries, as these buildings may very well have hazardous materials. Proper precautions include the wearing of eye protection and suits that shield the skin from exposure.


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